Website design taboos you should break.

Our agency recently designed, built and launched a new website for our client ATF Fuels, a leading fuel distribution company in the Channel Islands, supplying domestic, commercial and retail fuels.

We evolved the brand imagery and iconography to reflect the company’s beliefs in providing a high standard of customer service and product. We designed and developed a user friendly website with added functions such as a budget calculator and the ability to set up direct debit payments online to make the customer experience even better.

Website Design Taboos

Attractive website design, informative content and easy website navigation are all points of concern when it comes to building a website. While you want to attract potential customers to your website pages, you don’t want it to be too overwhelming. Logos and graphics need to be strategically placed so they don’t take away from the products or services a business provides.

How Does It Look On Mobile?

Research shows that more people spend time on a mobile device when accessing the internet than on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. This means that people will be interacting with your website on a relatively small display. Responsive is a website design term that means the software used to build your website automatically responds to the size of a display it is viewed on. A responsive website will instantly change its appearance so it looks good whether someone views it from a small smartphone screen, a large desk monitor, an iPad or a laptop.

Is Your Content Easy To Read?

The information you provide on your website should be easy to understand, yet as complete as possible. The facts need to be accurate while the language needs to flow easily. It need not be two pages when one would have been enough, just as one page may not be enough to provide the proper amount of information. You need to be able to find the middle ground.

Can Your Visitors Find They Way Around? 

Layout and navigation are aspects which need to be as simple as possible. Your website vistors are going to want to make it from point A to point B without having to click on eight different buttons to get there. Simple navigation can make all the difference between a prospective customer staying on your website and a frustrated visitor leaving and never coming back.

Do You Look After Your Website?

Regular web maintenance for your website is important. It can help you keep up with changing times, help to attract more visitors and ultimately make you more sales. It shouldn’t take long and the time investment can make all the difference to your business. And finally, if you don’t have time to do your website maintenance yourself, ask your agency to help.

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