Introducing, AI Studio.

Introducing, AI Studio.

We’re delighted to introduce to you our new brand identity, AI Studio. We are saying goodbye to our previous name, Advertising International, and proud to share this change with you.

Our team of talented designers have been working away behind the scenes to create our new brand identity. We felt it was time to give our own brand the same attention and thought that we give our clients every day and create something that closer represents who we are as an agency today.

AI Studio closer reflects who we are and our approach as an agency. Providing our valued clients, with a high level of creativity and marketing services that a modern business needs.

By Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes.

— Tony Robbins

We’re very excited about our new brand, and our team will continue the great work, services and creative ideas as the new improved, AI Studio.

To discuss how you can get the best results from your design, advertising, printing, social media, digital and marketing projects across all sectors of your business please contact us.

AI Studio Team
Think. Create. Grow.