Rename and Rebrand.


We were given the task of renaming, rebranding and re-educating people about the charity formerly known as Brig-y-don Children’s Charity.

The name as Brig-y-don was associated with a children’s care home that the charity formerly owned. Through thorough research and working closely with the charity, we came up with the name, Brightly. We felt this was a complementary fit for the kind of work the charity do, as well as a good transition, keeping the ‘Brig’ from ‘Brig-Y-Don and adding ‘HTLY’ which stands for ‘Helping Transform the Lives of the Young’.

The next stage was to re-educate people on the work the charity does. As they support children and young people (from birth to 25 years), we came up with the tagline, ‘Enhancing Childhood. Enabling Independence.’

Using the new identity, we created a website and printed assets to promote their message.