Jersey Aero Club.

Prepare for takeoff!

The Jersey Aero Club was formed in 1950 is one of the most impressive and best loved clubs in the British Isles. It provides a range of services for private pilots visiting the Island, enables the public to hire a light aircraft and is the island hub for people who want to undertake a flight training course.

Following a full restructure of the club, its facilities and services in 2020 and a recent rebrand, it was time for the club to update its website. We created and built a new website to provide an improved and streamlined user experience, intuitive navigation and well-designed interfaces that make it easier for users to find the information they need.

The new site is easily scalable, which means the club can add more features for their members, visiting pilots and the general public to engage with their target audience more effectively, while also providing a better user experience and improving their online reputation.