It's Our Vibe.

Jersey Water.

Jersey Water needed an exciting and impactful internal campaign to launch their new People Strategy and set of values to all their employees. This campaign was created to specifically look and feel different to the Jersey Water external branding but retained subtle connection.

The 3 values of the campaign were:

  • We care
  • We are ambitious
  • We work together


The campaign was targeted at Jersey Water employees of all levels to create and inspire these values and new internal culture. The name of the new HR system, ‘VIBE’ was used to create a presentation pack with the theme ‘It’s Our Vibe’.

The pack consisted of a high-quality personalised presentation box that contained a branded blue-tooth speaker and brochure explaining the new values. Each box was hand delivered to every employee at their home (whilst working from home due to the Cover-19 pandemic).

The campaign was also communicated internally via posters, screen savers and messages on the internal Jersey Water intranet.