Hang up the Hosepipe.

Jersey Water.

We were asked to create a campaign to encourage islanders to use water carefully during 2022’s exceptionally dry summer.

The message was not about scaremongering. It had to raise awareness and get people to think about what they were using water for and if it was a necessity.

The concept consisted of 3 core messages: ‘We can only save water whilst we have it’, ‘Be careful, not careless with our water’ and ‘Hang up the hosepipe’. The campaign comprised of press, TV, radio, outdoor poster sites and graphics on the Jersey Water website and social media pages.

All messages illustrated in a friendly and easy to understand message how less water could be used in everyday situations.

As the dry weather continued Jersey Water issued a Hosepipe Ban (also known as a Temporary Use Ban) for all domestic customers at the end of August 2022.

The campaign graphics and messages were updated to clearly explain what the ban means for customers and that it will remain in place until such time as Jersey Water gives notice of a relaxation of the prohibitions.